Pricing For Quick Service Restaurant Power Washing Considered

The other day, I was talking to a young entrepreneur in the power washing business about the cleaning of QSRs or quick-service restaurants – perhaps you are more familiar with the term fast food restaurant. You see, he was interested in getting some more clients in that sector or industry but he didn’t know a lot about it. Well, the reality is that fast-food restaurants do need power washing, as they must keep up their image and cleanliness. Okay so let’s talk about this for a second, shall we?

QSRs must have their sidewalks cleaned, their windows cleaned, the building washed down, and they will need to have the trash area completely pressure washed, and it is best to use a high-powered hot water pressure washer or steam cleaner in and around the area out back where the company stores the left over used grease. Often this grease is sold to biofuel companies, which filter out the impurities and use it for biofuel. It is how the industry recycles the used cooking grease which is often used for French fries, and other popular food items which they prepared on site.

Now then, what might be a good price to charge for power washing his area? Well, consider if you will the average fast-food restaurant with its walkways, drive-through, and trash areas. It makes sense to charge $100 for cleaning the walkways, perhaps $150 for cleaning the drive-through areas and all of the oil and grease spots left from the automobiles. Then it makes sense to charge $130 for the trash area. These prices make sense if it is a once per month visit, or for an every other week account.

Some power washing companies are giving discounts for multiple stores, and if they are company-owned stores, they may give you quite a few locations to do. There are also large franchises that own multiple stores, and your area might have several fast food franchise brand names. Many of these franchisees may own 5 to 10 stores, as this is quite common with many of the development agreements from major franchising companies.

Best of all, these are great accounts which must be done rain or shine and can keep a company in the cash flow all year long regardless of inclement weather. Therefore they make ideal accounts, and once you get a few, and learn how to do it quickly, you can make some good money. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.