Power Pressure Washers – Should You Rent Or Should You Buy

Power pressure washers have become an indispensable tool for many households in recent years as they are both very efficient as well as effective for home cleaning. They are an excellent tool for cleaning out grime, stubborn grease and dirt from different types of surfaces which might have been challenging to clean with your conventional garden hoses. Whether you should rent or buy your power pressure washer depends on a number of key considerations, namely the frequency of use, maintenance, and storage, as well as your budget.

Many homes do major house cleaning once or twice a year and some others tend to be more regular with their cleaning on a monthly or weekly basis. If you are a conscientious homemaker who loves to make your home squeaky clean all the time and do regular cleaning every week, then you might wish to consider owning a one. The cost of the rental will outweigh the cost of the machine over time and it is more convenient and handy to have on hand as and when you need it. However, should you only be doing extensive cleaning once or twice a year, you might wish to consider renting a machine? One key to note is that you may do more harm than good with regular weekly cleaning as the surfaces could tarnish from over-cleaning.

As the power pressure washers can be very tricky to use, especially for new users, there is a need for caution. When you first use them, they are set to default and you should start with the lowest pressure to test the usage and get accustomed to the usage. The sheer force of the machine could literally damage wood, dent metal and even cut human flesh in a split of a second, so execute caution when you use the machine.

Many pressure washing businesses do provide both rental and cleaning services as well. If you do not wish to grease your hands on all the cleaning chores, you could simply enlist the help of the service and you can get the entire home cleaned up within an afternoon. However, these services might not come cheap as the cleaners are skilled manpower handling the special tools.

Regardless of whether you are personally doing the cleaning with your own power pressure washer, renting the machine or getting someone else to do the cleaning, you are almost guaranteed to like the results for sure.