Power Pressure Washers – How To Clean Your Deck Fast And Easily

If you have decks that you are guilty of not maintaining for some time now, using power pressure washers on them sounds like the most appropriate thing to do for that gathering you have been planning. However, there are things you need to know in terms of managing the cleaning process to avoid damaging the wood in the process.

Weather is the number one key culprit to ruining your wood furniture and deck. Leave it to nature and the damage of rain, sun, snow, and harsh winds can ruin the woodwork in no time. Whether you are in sunny Southern California, or in wet humid damp London, weather spares no wood. The wood material is highly susceptible to moisture and they warp easily. This explains why wooden decks disintegrate more rapidly than interior wooden furniture and fixture.

That is not to say that heat from the scorching sun is any less harmful. The sun’s damaging heat can be felt even for indoor woodwork and that is why it is advisable to draw your blinds avoiding the sun. Pets scraping on the surface with their sharp nails, dirty shoes, heavy luggage and sharp objects scratching away at the deck surface can ruin it over time.

Choose a power pressure washer with less than 2,600 PSI and 1.5 GPM. PSI indicates pounds per square inch and GPM the gallons per minute, the former measuring water pressure, and the latter the speed of water flow.

Visit your friendly neighborhood hardware store and check out the deck cleaners. Read the instructions thoroughly and note that in most of them, it would state that there is a leave-on period for the solutions to take effect with the surfaces. You should follow the instructions specifically and do not miss out on the timing else the process might harm the wooden material.

If this is the first time you are using a power pressure washer, ensure that you twist the pressure knob to the lowest and test the spray on your driveway or gravel path before using it on the wooden deck. This is precaution just in case the pressure is accidentally switched too high thereby damaging the wood in the process. Move the nozzle from left to right, inch by inch, and clean out the dirt carefully and thoroughly. Remember not to do spot cleaning else the machine might just drill through the wood.

It should be noted that the best time to do pressure washing on your deck is during sunny summer when the water dries fast and is not trapped within the wooden fibers.

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