6 Tips for Finding Suitable Yoga Studio in Miami

These days it seems like new yoga studios are popping up in every corner and nook of major cities such as Miami. Many of these studios offer deals meant to entice you to try. But is it same everywhere? Can you strike a Down Dog at any yoga studio and feel great? Well, that depends solely on you and what you want. Certainly, businesses aren’t the same. And yoga too is a business. In fact, yoga is a multi-million business in Miami. Before choosing a yoga studio, you should consider where you spend your hard earned money. But how do you identify the right studio that’s most ideal for you? Here are Tips to Finding the Right Yoga Studio in Miami:


  1. Set your goals

Do you want to burn calories or find inner peace and reduce your stress levels? Before you enter a yoga studio, decide on what you want. On your first visit to a studio, be sure to share your objectives with the instructor. Your instructor should be able to assist you narrow down your choices as well as let you know whether the studio is ideal for you.

For instance, if you are expectant, your objective may be to get assistance with relaxation techniques, adjusting to physical demands of expectancy and labor and breathing. The yoga studio ideal for you is the one with a parental class that specifically focuses on those goals.

  1. Community or commune?

Does your yoga studio have community resource or it’s a clique from high school? A good studio is the one that makes you feel supported, never judged and above all welcomed, right from the first day. A good yoga studio in Miami should accept you and meet you wherever you are without expectations. Choose a studio that actively participates in the welfare of the people in Miami.

  1. What Style of Asana?

First, consider the styles of yoga the studios’ offers. Are you interested in styles that flow smoothly from posture to posture or prefer styles that hold a given posture for several breaths? There are also techniques that require many props such as straps, blankets, and blocks. It’s only good to try out your proffered styles to establish the one that works best for you and what suits your needs physically.

  1. Try it out

Some yoga studios in Miami can allow you to attend a class, and the majority will welcome you to stop by and have a discussion with their owners and instructors. Ensure you inquire about things that you consider important to you, such as various experience levels, class size, cost and class time that suits your schedule.

  1. Cult or tribe?

The best studios are the ones that run themselves like a tribe. Tribes will always share, love, send positivity to one another with support and camaraderie and look out for each other. If after researching a yoga studio you discover that all signs focus on the leader as the final authority, that is likely to be a cult, and you may not like the idea of drinking the punch in red cups. Get involved in a local yoga studio with an open mind towards yoga as a practice.

  1. Are the teachers trained?

Just like there are many yoga studios, there are also a thousand teacher training centers. Ensure you a join a yoga studio whose instructor has at least 200 hours of training. Also, an instructor with experience and knowledge of anatomy is an added advantage. Postures such as shoulder stand and headstand require a basic understanding of safe, sound spine. Be sure to ask your instructor about his training and experience, read his bio, find out from other students and then make your final decision.


Yoga studios are springing up every day everywhere in Miami, and they offer popular destinations for you if you are looking to gain flexibility, reduce stress or exercise in a different and challenging way. With very many studios out there, how do you identify the right one for you? The best yoga studio and teacher will clear a path in your journey to boost your mind, body, and spirit. The only sure way to achieve this is to use these Tips to Find the Right Yoga Studio in Miami, and you will surely be there. On the other hand, if you prefer to practice yoga at home, there are many online courses in the space. Our friend, Zoe Bray Cotton created Yoga Burn, and you can read the review of Yogaburn DVD by Zoe Bray Cotton.