Month: February 2017

If you are looking for spectacular sunsets, sandy beaches, wild rides and other adventurous events, then Florida is the place you want to be. Florida has a wide variety of tourist attraction sites, and events meant to everyone. In this place, you won’t have to worry that your little kid might run out of things to do. Neither will you worry that your teenage kids are going to find the place annoying. Florida carries incredible features for people of all age groups with its rich historical, cultural and sporting places/events. Some of the must-visit destinations in this city include:

1. Sanibel Island

The Sanibel Island is characterized by new blue waters and a breathtaking view of the horizon. The picture gets even more insane in the evening as you watch the sunset. In this island, you get the opportunity to interact with nature closely. Along the beaches, for example, you can find a seashell. From the beach, you can also sit and watch the dolphins dive over and into the waters on high speeds. If you love riding through the waters, then you can do it here with waves giving you the ultimate kayaking experience. There are also some kayak tours in case you are a first timer.

2. Orlando

Orlando is one of the places that make Florida the best family vacation destination. This site is primarily meant for the younger kids and promises to offer an unforgettable moment. It’s every child’s dream to see and play around The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Hogwarts Castle) that’s found here. The place is also well known for the several theme parks it has. Your kids can enjoy playing in the two Disney water park, the four Disney Amusement Parks, the Universal Studio, Gatorland and Seaworld Orlando. The place is also strategically located near the two other favorite sites for children the Legoland Florida and Kennedy Space Center.

3. Fort Lauderdale

If you are the adventurous type that loves playing with water, then the Fort Lauderdale is a must-go. Nicknamed “The Venice of America” Fort Lauderdale has a lot of meandering canals for rollerblading and biking. The waters here also have crazy taxis that make whisking even more enjoyable. There are also riding lessons being offered if you’ve never ridden before. When in this place you can also get to learn about Native Americans and even spend the night in a Seminole traditional hut!

4. St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg carries several exotic destinations for a family vacation. The St. Petersburg beach itself is always active with parasailing and jet skiing. Its downtown is consistently energetic with free concerts and surreal activities at the New Dali Museum. The Fort De Soto Park located in this place was once named the best family beach in the US. It offers so many family activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, biking, waterfront camping and swimming. Through a ferry, you can access the Caladesi Island, State Park. In this place, you get to watch dolphins and super shellings.

5. Miami

Miami is overly famous for its high temperatures and constant excitement. If you are tired of the cold weather from your hometown, then this is the place to visit. In Miami, you can play oceanfront court volleyball, do some swimming, surfing or boogie boarding. Visit my bikini belly review to get ready for it! You can also enjoy some adventure in the jungle island shows, snorkel around shipwrecks and reefs of the Biscayne National Park. The city has a very rich Cuban culture. You can taste the Cuban cuisines at Little Havana where they will serve you empanadas and tamales.

6. Seaside

The delightful seaside town is located near Panhandle’s Emerald Coast. This place has white sands and some lovely cottages. The main street is still old fashioned expressing the culture of the locals. It offers kayaking activities, and you could also get paddleboard lessons from the locals. During good conditions, it’s possible to row your way through the Gulf. A very thrilling experience for the entire family. There are good joints in this town that can serve you with delicious barbecue, seafood, and smoothies.

You simply can’t run out of things to do in Florida. Go ahead and take your family out on vacation in these locations and you will give them a lifetime experience.