Power Pressure Washers – How To Clean Your Deck Fast And Easily

If you have decks that you are guilty of not maintaining for some time now, using power pressure washers on them sounds like the most appropriate thing to do for that gathering you have been planning. However, there are things you need to know in terms of managing the cleaning process to avoid damaging the wood in the process.

Weather is the number one key culprit to ruining your wood furniture and deck. Leave it to nature and the damage of rain, sun, snow, and harsh winds can ruin the woodwork in no time. Whether you are in sunny Southern California, or in wet humid damp London, weather spares no wood. The wood material is highly susceptible to moisture and they warp easily. This explains why wooden decks disintegrate more rapidly than interior wooden furniture and fixture.

That is not to say that heat from the scorching sun is any less harmful. The sun’s damaging heat can be felt even for indoor woodwork and that is why it is advisable to draw your blinds avoiding the sun. Pets scraping on the surface with their sharp nails, dirty shoes, heavy luggage and sharp objects scratching away at the deck surface can ruin it over time.

Choose a power pressure washer with less than 2,600 PSI and 1.5 GPM. PSI indicates pounds per square inch and GPM the gallons per minute, the former measuring water pressure, and the latter the speed of water flow.

Visit your friendly neighborhood hardware store and check out the deck cleaners. Read the instructions thoroughly and note that in most of them, it would state that there is a leave-on period for the solutions to take effect with the surfaces. You should follow the instructions specifically and do not miss out on the timing else the process might harm the wooden material.

If this is the first time you are using a power pressure washer, ensure that you twist the pressure knob to the lowest and test the spray on your driveway or gravel path before using it on the wooden deck. This is precaution just in case the pressure is accidentally switched too high thereby damaging the wood in the process. Move the nozzle from left to right, inch by inch, and clean out the dirt carefully and thoroughly. Remember not to do spot cleaning else the machine might just drill through the wood.

It should be noted that the best time to do pressure washing on your deck is during sunny summer when the water dries fast and is not trapped within the wooden fibers.

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Power Pressure Washers – Should You Rent Or Should You Buy

Power pressure washers have become an indispensable tool for many households in recent years as they are both very efficient as well as effective for home cleaning. They are an excellent tool for cleaning out grime, stubborn grease and dirt from different types of surfaces which might have been challenging to clean with your conventional garden hoses. Whether you should rent or buy your power pressure washer depends on a number of key considerations, namely the frequency of use, maintenance, and storage, as well as your budget.

Many homes do major house cleaning once or twice a year and some others tend to be more regular with their cleaning on a monthly or weekly basis. If you are a conscientious homemaker who loves to make your home squeaky clean all the time and do regular cleaning every week, then you might wish to consider owning a one. The cost of the rental will outweigh the cost of the machine over time and it is more convenient and handy to have on hand as and when you need it. However, should you only be doing extensive cleaning once or twice a year, you might wish to consider renting a machine? One key to note is that you may do more harm than good with regular weekly cleaning as the surfaces could tarnish from over-cleaning.

As the power pressure washers can be very tricky to use, especially for new users, there is a need for caution. When you first use them, they are set to default and you should start with the lowest pressure to test the usage and get accustomed to the usage. The sheer force of the machine could literally damage wood, dent metal and even cut human flesh in a split of a second, so execute caution when you use the machine.

Many pressure washing businesses do provide both rental and cleaning services as well. If you do not wish to grease your hands on all the cleaning chores, you could simply enlist the help of the service and you can get the entire home cleaned up within an afternoon. However, these services might not come cheap as the cleaners are skilled manpower handling the special tools.

Regardless of whether you are personally doing the cleaning with your own power pressure washer, renting the machine or getting someone else to do the cleaning, you are almost guaranteed to like the results for sure.

Pricing For Quick Service Restaurant Power Washing Considered

The other day, I was talking to a young entrepreneur in the power washing business about the cleaning of QSRs or quick-service restaurants – perhaps you are more familiar with the term fast food restaurant. You see, he was interested in getting some more clients in that sector or industry but he didn’t know a lot about it. Well, the reality is that fast-food restaurants do need power washing, as they must keep up their image and cleanliness. Okay so let’s talk about this for a second, shall we?

QSRs must have their sidewalks cleaned, their windows cleaned, the building washed down, and they will need to have the trash area completely pressure washed, and it is best to use a high-powered hot water pressure washer or steam cleaner in and around the area out back where the company stores the left over used grease. Often this grease is sold to biofuel companies, which filter out the impurities and use it for biofuel. It is how the industry recycles the used cooking grease which is often used for French fries, and other popular food items which they prepared on site.

Now then, what might be a good price to charge for power washing his area? Well, consider if you will the average fast-food restaurant with its walkways, drive-through, and trash areas. It makes sense to charge $100 for cleaning the walkways, perhaps $150 for cleaning the drive-through areas and all of the oil and grease spots left from the automobiles. Then it makes sense to charge $130 for the trash area. These prices make sense if it is a once per month visit, or for an every other week account.

Some power washing companies are giving discounts for multiple stores, and if they are company-owned stores, they may give you quite a few locations to do. There are also large franchises that own multiple stores, and your area might have several fast food franchise brand names. Many of these franchisees may own 5 to 10 stores, as this is quite common with many of the development agreements from major franchising companies.

Best of all, these are great accounts which must be done rain or shine and can keep a company in the cash flow all year long regardless of inclement weather. Therefore they make ideal accounts, and once you get a few, and learn how to do it quickly, you can make some good money. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Power Washing Equipment

Organizations of all sizes choose to buy pre-owned network hardware. This is a cost-saving move as they have to pay much less for the high quality power washing equipment from top manufacturers. What you must know before buying refurbished equipment is discussed below.

Pre-owned or used or refurbished equipment is sold by vendors as hardware that is ‘as good as new’. These vendors cater to both the public and private sector organizations that buy used equipment in order to save costs. The demand for refurbished equipment is increasing steadily and at present we are looking at a nearly three billion dollar market of used power washing equipment. There are thousands of sellers offering and buyers looking for pre-owned equipment.
But many buyers are not sure about the safety and viability of buying used hardware. They are more than willing to reduce networking costs, but are held back by the uncertainty of the pre-owned market. To make the right decision, you need to know a few facts and they you can narrow your search of vendors.

The first thing you need to know is where does pre-owned hardware come from? There are several sources of refurbished equipment. The leading sources are:

Upgrading Networks- Large or growing companies have to often upgrade their network infrastructure as their work base expands, and they get more clients and customers. Even when the needs of their customers, employees and suppliers increase, a network upgrade is in order. This is where they trade their older equipment and hardware the manufacturers while getting new one for their offices. The manufacturers then guide the used equipment in to the secondary market annually.

Off-lease Equipment- Usually equipment leases are valid for a period of one to three years. As a result, the lessor is left wpower washingh functioning hardware well before the end of lifespan.

Excess Inventory- This reason comes into play when we talk about bulk purchases. Mostly the government, distributors, enterprises and power washing set ups place bulk orders for hardware and power washing equipment. power washing has been seen that mostly the order exceeds their needs and is shipped to be stored in warehouses. Eventually these organizations release the stored equipment when they are sure of having no use of them. That is why there are huge sales held annually auctioning unused power washing equipment. This way, packed and never used or needed power washing equipment becomes ‘pre-owned’ network hardware.

Now that you know how the ‘as good as new’ power washing equipment enters the secondary market, you must know how to select an appropriate vendor. The core areas to look at when choosing a vendor are: their reputation, experience, guarantee, after sales support and other policies. So when looking for a vendor, make sure that they have a solid and professionally designed & developed online presence. They must have SSL certificates and 3rd party certifications. Look for their complete and authentic contact details and also for references and testimonials of customers or case studies of successful projects.

A reputable vendor will specify their sources of hardware supply and will have processes in place to avoid counterfeit power washing goods. They must be a renowned name in the industry with respectable years of experience. When you buy used power washing equipment including wireless & compatible devices, keep this checklist in mind to choose the right vendor.